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About UH GAP

UH GAP History

UH Graphic Design students are the next generation of leaders who will educate, inspire, and direct creative agencies, in-house groups, and design programs in our city and across the country.

Our students are prepared with the analytic and practical tools that give form to extraordinary and unique ideas. They explore contemporary culture, design history and theory, method and practice, technology and communication—all within a graphic design context. Students in the Graphic Design program come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives—a unique and vital asset of this program. University of Houston faculty work closely with individual students to allow each one to achieve their creative potential.
The University of Houston Graphic Design program generates talented alumni who are leaders in the areas of print, interactive, motion and broadcast graphics, packaging, annual reports, and more.
Our undergraduates are instructed using current technologies; they develop portfolios that include a wide range of work reflecting the cutting edge of design: identity systems, print based graphics, book design, posters, web and motion.

Students majoring in Graphic Design learn fundamentals of form, composition, typography, technology, history, process, methodology, and theory, supplemented by related arts courses in areas such as Color, Photography, or Drawing for Graphics. A rigorous portfolio review is conducted to select top students for acceptance into the upper-level Graphic Communications major. 
The Graduate Program in Graphic Design at the University of Houston extends students’ conceptual base beyond the design program, encouraging intensive connectivity with multiple facets of the campus and the city of Houston. Graduate students conduct advanced research in graphic design and critical theory, investigating an area of specific interest and concentrate their research and development on this new direction, pushing the boundaries of theory and practice.


This sixty semester-hour program is highly competitive, and incorporates study in studio design and related arts, history of Art and Design, and seminar coursework. Students are evaluated by individual investigations supported through visual presentation, reading, and writing alongside clearly articulated, critically evaluated design research projects. They produce a written thesis as well as a presentation and catalogue submission for the Masters Thesis Exhibition, held in the University’s Art Museum.

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